Friday, May 21, 2010

New pictures, and an update!

Alright, as usual, it's been a while. I've been really uninspired lately though, not having my own camera and all, since Celes has the phone with the camera now. Update on life: Celes and i are living away from each other, her in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. I'm in Kaishi, Yamanashi. They're not terribly far apart, and definitely not that expensive thankfully, but it's kinda nice living our own lives for a while ee. anyways, here's some pictures from various adventures.. I'll post more stuff soon.

I had to go to Korea on a Visa run.. these are a few pictures from the adventure. This is a *big* street in Busan Korea....

Home less people sleeping under a statue in Busan.
Something just feels so ironic about it.
This is an art car that I saw on a street in Busan.. in Baltimore, these kind of cars are everywhere, but here in Asia, I *never* see them, so it was very nostalgic!
Before moving on.. a quick story from the trip. I was placed in a room on the boat with a woman that is everything I aspire to be. She was in her 50s, married with one 10 year old son.. though traveling aone to visit some friends. A Japanese woman, who spent 8 years living in Canada working for the Japanese government in her 20s, and traveled all about for a while, then headed back to Japan for a while. By the time she was in her late 20s, she decided it was time for something completely different, and signed up for an international arranged marriage service, and with no prior knowledge of Korea or anything, went off to South Korea to marry her husband and have a kid.. they've been a family living together in South Korea for 10 years now, and she is fluent in many languages... we just clicked on so many levels.

This adventure was super amazing for me, for the fact that I was able to meet her. She invited me to stay at her house, since I was staying the night in South Korea. So for the night, I went out to he town of Gimhae, and stayed with her, her husband, son, and mother in law. It was such an amazing experience for me, and her family really liked me. I had told them that was planning to teach in South Korea in the future, and they very seriously invited me to come live with their family if I ever decide to! Amazing how things happen sometimes... That's mySouth Korean adventure for today, back to the blog!

These next few pictures are from Nagoya.. I'd never bene there before, and Celes was having work training there, which happened to be over her birthday, so of course I came to visit. This is a cool building with colorful panels that blow in the wind. Something about it reminds me of the Montreal convention center.

I took this next picture for many reasons. Any museum you go to in Japan, always has an activity center in the end, where you can do origami, draw things, or color, etc.. so this is mmine and Celes's colored drawings of the famous painting, "The Lotus and the Flog" I love Japan for their Engrish. Anyways, this was done at the Nagoya Boston Museum of Fine Arts. When I was in Jpaan before, I did much research involved the Boston museum of fine arts.. there's a lot of really amazing stories about it. So when I returned to America, I decided to go visit there... it's beyond the point of amazing. I am without a doubt certain that they have the largest collection of Asian historical facts on the American continent. (well I say this, but haven't researched, so don't take this for fact). Anyways, I had no idea that they had an affiliated museum here in Japan, now suddenly it makes sense. I'm planning to research.. I wonder if they have these affiliated museums all over Asia. Do you know anything about the museum? If so, feel free to respond!
This next picture is a pretty fountain in the train station at Hamamatsu, Celes's new city.
A miniature horse next to the train station in Hamamatsu.
A cool and incredibly Japanese street near Celes's apartment.
The Hamamatsu castle, during Sakura season.

A windmill in the park, Hamamatsu!
The beach there, from the kite raising festival... or 凧揚げ祭り。 There will be more pictures from this, actually related.. at the bottom. Anyways, one cool thing aout this festival: it was a festival at the beach, and in coordination with it, they had people handing out bags and grabbers to collect garbage of the beach while they enjoyed. I find this super cool, especially considering it is one was the largest festivals in all of Japan.

This is outside of a bus window, in Yamanashi ken.. the guy on the horse statue is Takeda Shingen, *the* famous historical figure of Yamanashi-ken. We were on our way to the next pictures...
Pretty flower field in Yamanashi.
This is what people do here.
This is what we came to see, the 2,000 year old Jinzai sakura tree. It's not very far from my house at all.. just one train stop and a busride away! I want to get some pictures of my school sometime.. at my kindergarten in the playground, we have an 800 year old tree, and it's massive. It makes me so happy to be around, every Friday. Having seen standard trees and knowing their ages, and seeing my 800 year old tree, I feel pretty certain that the age of this tree is no exaggeration. (actual age is said to be about 1,800 years) Have you ever seen something so old in your life?

More pictures from the raising of the kite festival.. this next one is actually the kites in the air.

This is how big the kites are!
Celes and I got to raise one too!

I hope you enjoyed! Will post more soon.