Thursday, June 3, 2010

As promised! A comment on America, Japan, and if I can fit in the rest of the world

I'm back again!

No pictures yet, but soon.

Anyways, I wanted to post about something random I've noticed these past few days that I really wanted to share.

So, these days I watch a lot of tv. I know, I know, yell at me if you like, but it's amazing for comprehension practice! Anyways Japanese tv is a lot better than American tv, so it's ok really. Actually I seriously mean this now.

I've heard a lot of comments in my life about the racism in Japan, and all sorts of issues that people like to complain about.... but honestly, I don't really see it that way. There's no doubt that racist people exist.. but there's tons of non racist people too! On top of that, watch tv in Japan!

There's a giant mixture of celebrities of all sorts here. Plenty of Japanese folk, but foreigners from all over the world, from Korea, to France, to Nigeria, and of course America. Japan also LOVES to put half Japanese people all over television and in magazines.. if you're part Japanese, and part something else, then you're all set if you want to be a star here, no joke. There's also a large array of language learning programs at practically any moment of the day!

Aside from race, gender is also a part of this. I literally can't count the amount of trans gender celebrity figures there are in Japan, and lately I keep seeing more. It's also trendy these days for guys to be incredibly feminine.. from cross dressing, to wearing makeup, stylized hair.. it's just part of the norm here these days. I was talking to a very manly co worker today who was talking to me all about this today, it was quite amusing. As for women... well women are about 100 times more feminine here than they are in America, and probably 80% of the rest of the world, too. But the beautiful thing is... that's not a bad thing! It's OK to be a woman, and it doesn't mean that you're weak!

Random note from my life: I remember just a few years ago thinking about how much I hated girly girls. I think I still can't stand the idea of American girly girls.. they're in a different field in my eyes. The idea of gender queerness used to appeal to me a bit.. not making a distinction.. in some ways it's cool. But like race.. it is different, isn't it? Does that have to be a bad thing? Then maybe a year or so ago, I started thinking about the history of clothes, of how things may have begun to take shape. Pants make sense if you're doing labor work and such.... but in today's world, with all the office jobs and stuff, why is everyone striving to wear pants? Sometimes pants are cool.. but skirts/dresses are both better looking and more comfortable in my opinion.. and it feels unfair to me that women have to want to strive to be more like men if they want to be successful. That's just stupid in my opinion.. alright there was my random comment lol.

BACK TO TV! Granted, this is all pretty idealistic what I'm talking about.. but isn't that cool? People watch tv all the time.. I've just really seriously begun to appreciate the fact that it's there, and that people watch it. Because people *do* watch tv! It's influential, and I just find it so amazing that they want these kind of messages spread! Think about television in America now, think about the movie industry in America now, how many non American stars can you name? How much effort have you seen anywhere in America to PROMOTE any of these ideas?

If I have readers from outside of America right now that are annoyed with my American centered post right now, I'm sorry, but I'm sure you understand what I mean, because in your own countries, I'm sure you know about as much American
star industry as your own. This just makes me think, why is it that the rest of the world is OK with foreigners? Why is the only star industry generally accepted all over the world is so racist? So sexist? So... limited.

I'll post more random things soon!

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  1. ohisashiburi Himachan...interesting notes...

    but...hmm...interesting that, post-transition, I like jeans! ...strange world!

    I hope to get back to Japan next year...maybe *this* time we'll manage to connect?