Wednesday, June 16, 2010

a few pictures and little update

So I finally got a new camera! I've been taking pictures, but I'm saving some right now for a certain post. Here are a few to tide you over in the meantime! Aside from the visits shown, my friend Tyler from college also came to visit one day!

This is the gorgeous view from the second floor of my school... that's the school playground, and part of the school.

I went to hang out at a coworker's house with her friends, lots of fun times just hanging out!

Just a random picture I wanted to show folk. This is a typical Japanese house in this neighborhood. You can see the house in the top left of the picture. The house is high above ground, and tiny parking garage is built beneath the house. There's even a yard above the garage!

So in Japan, they like to sculpt nature. You've probably heard of Bonsai and all. These are flat trees.
Taken last night with my friend Annclair from Belgium, and some of her friends we went to hang out with, fun times!

OK, I dunno how exciting this is for most of you, but for me, it's super happy. I fail at cooking, but I decided I want to eat healthier. So my solution: eat fresh foods instead! So this was what I made for dinner tonight, no cooking involved, yay.

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