Friday, July 16, 2010

Scenery, farms, and houses

I've thought of many different ways to do this post, but in the end, I decided to just show off the things that I see in my every day life: farms. Yamanashi, my home, has a sister "city" of Iowa! The biggest difference here, is that we're covered in mountains. The name, Yamanashi, literally translates to "mountain pear."
Just a quick story for you:
Since farms are so common in this area, it's also a part of the education here. Our 'tanpopo' kids... those are like special education children... grow vegetables as part of their program. One time this semester, they grew onions, and came to the office to give us all some! I was so excited, recieving freshly grown onions! Seveeral days later, walking home from school, I saw my local Go club owner working on his farm with his wife, picking potatoes. They decided to offer me some... I was expecting 2-3, but instead I recieved 18 potatoes! Freshly grown vegetables for all....
And now, some pictures!

This is a picture of the village down below, from the first bridge I cross to school every day.
These are more things along my path to school every day. In the next picture, the building on the left that says "囲碁” is my local Go club that I go to every Tuesday.

My nearest house neighbor. Really gorgeous house.
Along the pathway from the train station to the shopping mall.

Here is the nearby train station.
This is the path starting up the way of the mountain I have to climb from the station to my house.

This is where the mountain I climb every day gets really steep!
You can start to see how high up the mountain goes.
Nearby neighborhood, I walk through sometimes, going to the shopping mall.Neighborhood farm.
Farm across the street from home.Farm down/across the street from home.
This is a pretty shot. My apartment is in it, though I guess not so visible.
This is actually my kindergarten, but I felt like including it here, since they have such a gorgeous garden. They actually grow all sorts of vegetables there, and everyone at the school gets to eat them. Not only at the school, but also down the street from it, we actually have our own farm. Occasionally after I'm done teaching, I go to the farm to water the vegetables.

Farm by the station.
Near by river with the trainstation in the background.
This is Kofu city, it's my largest nearby city, and the nearest 'large city' for that matter.
Here are some eggplant growing at a local farm down the street from my school.
I figured I'd end with a dramatic picture of the town below. I only just recently found this path.. It goes by the near by middle school and down to the shopping center where I get all my things. So beautiful.

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