Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the small creatures and plants post part 1.

Alright this is for those of you that like bugs.. and plants... plants are included. If you didn't know, I work in a Japanese kindergarten, and one of the requirements for this job, is the ability to stand/keep as pets, bugs! Due to this fact, I have become incredibly obsessed with small creatures of all sorts... Below I have posted a bunch of my encounters.. Celes is also incredibly obsessed with plants and various fungus right now, so I have also posted some of these as well, enjoy!

We'll start this post with sex. These are two lady bugs.. I wonder if they're both ladies.. ee is it wrong to say these things about bug sex? Interesting ladybug fact: contrary to common belief, the patterns on the lady bug back have nothing to do with their gender, and not even really their species in most cases, they're just patterns.. like the difference in fur colors on cats and etc. actual size: about 1 CM
Rice growing in kindergarten yard. There are hundreds of little tadpoles swimming in the green rice container.
Pet lobsters at kindergarten. Aren't they cute? I pick them up every friday!
These next two pictures are of a Japanese beetle Larva from two different angles. My kindergarten LOVES larva. Japanese name: kabutomushi(Japanese beetle) youchuu(larva), カブトムシ幼虫. actual size: about 2 CM.

Cute fish.
I found this dead dragon fly on the ground.. it was so beautiful. Actual size: about 3 inches.

Baby singing crickets! Pets at the kindergarten as well. In Japanese: suzumushi, 鈴虫. Do singing crickets exist outside Japan? actual size: less than 1 CM.
Earwig! I've seen them larger and smaller than this guy. actual size: about 2 CM
These beetles are super common around here. Actual size: about an inch.
Celes likes her fungus. This is a gorgeous picture she took.

Colorful little guy, I was nowhere near close enough to him to see these patterns really well in person, but my camera skills are getting better. Actual size: a bit under 1 CM.
Roadside decapitated bug! I honestly wonder what happened.
This guy was huge. I see tons every day, but this is the only one I've seen this big... so pretty. Actual size: 2-3 inches.
Celes was wondering what they sprayed on the leaves.Celes likes flowers indeed.
Smaller version of the gigantic guy above. This is on the "spider bridge" that I walk across every day to get to school, I pass by at least several hundred of them every day. Actual size: little under an inch.

Cool shot of a different spider, same species as the above one.
Cool Gecko creature! We were looking at spiders, and I saw this guy. actual size: about 4-5 inches.
Next two shots are of the same spider, different angles.. pretty cool looking guy, and I like his pose in the next shot! actual size: little under an inch.
Similar to the other guy above.. but seems a bit different... not sure if they're different genders or just different spiders. Actual size: little under an inch.
Fungus! Celes loves fungus!
FROG! Japanese tree frog. Celes and I caught two of them. Or rather Celes caught two because I couldn't catch one lol. We tried to feed them rolly polly bugs(otherwise known as pill bugs or potato bugs, or in Japanese, dango mushi, ダンゴムシ) But sisnce they wouldn't eat, we decided to put them back. Actual size: about an inch and a half.
Grasshopper! I think? actual size: about 1 inch.
Really beautiful snail shot.. rainy days tend to draw them out and all. actual size: about 2 inches.
The next two are the same spider, front side and back. actual size: little less than 1 CM.

This one was taken by Celes... beautiful moth.
Accredited again to Celes.. pretty mushrooms that I wanted to share.

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