Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today, I'm in Hamamatsu! This is my last time hanging out with Celes before my ventures to China. For those of you that don't know, I'm going to Beijing for a month to study Go! Anyways, that's soon, not now. For now, I'm in Hamamatsu!
Today, Celes and I went to a place north of Hamamatsu, in another small town. It's called 岩水寺(Gansuiji). That technically means it's a temple, and there certainly was a temple tthere, but after that, there is the prefectural park. It was a really beautiful, serene place. Here are a bunch of pictures from the adventure!

This is the Gansuiji abandoned hotel. Well kinda anyway. The bottom part has partially been turned into a shakuhachi (Japanese flute) work shop/classroom.

creepy, ne.
Pretty water, doesn't look like water.
Cool caterpillar ness.
Reeeaaally decent picture of ants.
This park had a giant ninja training ground! It was fuun.

fun on ninja training ground!
I wonder if this was a queen ant... It was quite large compared to the ants around.
kanahebi lizard.

This totally looks all aminita like to me.
We took a long picnic in this area.
We found a nature building, that was really cool. Various animals inside, and activities about nature. This is Celes playing with a well they had outside.
This turtle posed for us!

A cool salamander thing.

This is the lizard from a few shots up.. called a 'kanahebi'.
A completely wooden go set!
These are the names of some of the mushrooms we found, and below is a display of some.

More mushroom goodness.
Pretty view from a bridge! You can see a liiittle bit of the city off in the background.
This mushroom kinda looks like a flower.
Cicada shell! about an inch and a half large.
Returning to the city, we saw this spider, caught a cool shot.

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