Wednesday, September 22, 2010

long awaited and editted china, just like the real thing!

One month after the fact, I bring you...... CHINA!
For those who don't know: I spent one month in China studying the game of go. Fun times, good people, interesting sights, but maybe just not *my* place, fun times anyway.

My friend challenged a worker in a market to a game of go! They ended up playing 5 in a row instead.
 This is right next to a nice fancy mall.
This place is also known as the Japanese go club, I recommend if you are in Beijing and want a nice match of Weiqi!

All the Chinese ice cream, next to some Dreyer's ice cream in 100% English.
Famous Asian fruit called a Durian.


The same market place as above with the guys sleeping on couches. Later in the day time, they pack up, and the market comes out til about midnight.

Pretty view from my apartment.
I miss this experience!
The most clear weathered day my entire time in China. Almost every day is so smoggy with pollution, that you can barely see even 3 blocks down the street. But the day after a rainfall, it tends to clear up quite a bit.
My friends acting cute!
Nothing beats a game of Go in the park.
Welcome to the Altar of the land of God and Grain. Oh, so exciting.

hello kitty!

We sat at this place, just enjoying the world, for quite a while... it was my favorite place in Beijing, ended up going back a few times. It's in the park next to the forbidden city, across frmo Tiennanmen Square.

The bell at a famous Zen temple called Yong ZeDong... it cost 10 yuan if you want to ring this bell alone.. I don't recommend this temple at all, far too....... impersonal.

Did I mention Chinese people hate rules?
Turtle dragon!

Oh hello Mr. Monk!

OK this is absolutely the best restaurant name ever.

The Great Wall of China is amazing. I have been to many touristy places in my life, but this is the first and only that sincerely felt more like a journey, or a quest, than just some place a guide book pointed out. Everything about the climb was just amazing! I joined my friend in walking it barefoot, too!


If you see the two paths on the sides here, we actually climbed up the right side, and down the left. This was *after* climbing up and down a completely separate part of the mountain!

My good friend Nikolaj and I at the edge of the wall!

Welcome to the Summer Palace. Another recommended place if you go to China. Very beautiful place.

These kind of rocks can be found in parks all around.

Welcome.... to a very... interesting market.
You can EAT SCORPIONS! No real flavor to them actually, just the spices... very crunchy

Surprisingly, this market is very popular. It is known only for the exotic strange foods about.

Outside the forbidden city.