Saturday, October 2, 2010

amazing sky and.... small? creatures post

It hasn't been that long since I posted, but I felt like showing off a few things. One day last week, I was walking home from work, minding my own business wrapped in my head.... and suddenly I looked up! The sky was so astoundingly beautiful. I had never ever seen colors fading in across like this before! I just sat there and stared at it, in the midst of walking up the little mountain. I had wanted to share this since then, but haven't had the time. Nowthe other day, I found some crazy creatures, so I figured I'd just make a small post.

Aside from the sky. I saw this little caterpillar at work the other day. This is his tail end.
Head is on the right side!
Same concept with this guy I saw on my way to work! Head on the left side there. Didn't have time to get a cool shot sadly.
Then, walking home from work the other night, I saw this.......
It's a worm!!!
About 15 inch long earth worm!!!! I didn't know such a thing even existed until this night. Apparently they CAN get a whole lot bigger.

I headed to the store, and came back, that's about 20 minutes. This guy was in almost the same place, but now had a leaf on his head!

Aside from these creatures, I also saw a MUKADE!!! And, the fuzziest caterpillar I have ever seen in my life. I will work on trying to catch pictures of these.... but the mukade will probably be a bit on the difficult side. That's all for now!

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