Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Holidays, from the ghost of Australian past and Christmas Future!

I promised to update my blog days ago, but times have been busy. There've been further adventures since my August Australian one, but I still wanted to share some events from then. I'm sharing with you in a new format! I hope you enjoy these!

City scenery from the botanic garden.
Gigantic tree in Cairns!
Harbor across the way from Manly Beach.
A QUANGDONG. The Australian national fruit... found in the wild!

The botanical garden in Sydeny. This was my favorite place in the city. They give free tours daily from different people each time, so you can learn about the plants there. Seems like you could really learn everything there is to learn, right there! Interestingly enough, most trees there aren't native to Australia! I also met this cool Singaporean fellow who had befriended the birds in the park. We hung out all day.
Flowers and trees. The upper right tree is actually a prehistoric tree that was thought to be extent, until discovered in a rainforest in 1995!
Prices in Australia. Insane.
Flowers and fruits!
Jenolan Caves, way outside of Sydney! I went there with my Australian friend whom I met on the airplane on the way over. He had just finished biking across Japan in 5 weeks, and then spent a bit of time showing me around Australia! We met a ton of Japanese people.
Bugs and spiders! I love small creatures. Australia is known for having some insane ones, and I wasn't disappointed.
The Cairns Botanic Garden. Yet another amazon place to be. I love nature.. it's interesting how we craft it though. I have yet to go to a rainforest actually... I'm really looking forward to that adventure.
Botanic Garden in Sydney again, a few random things thrown in.
Adventure to Blue Mountain, a pretty magnificent view of vastness. I've been to the Grand Canyon once before... it's always really pretty, but the touristyness really really takes away from these places I think. We passed through a small town called Oberon on are way there, and I was in the midst of reading The Hand of Oberon at the time... yay.
Birds! This picture's for you, Kristy.
The beach at Cairns. I walked along here a bit, but it's pretty dangerous. I hear it is festering with Crocodiles.. but it's right there, and os hard not to walk up, especially with such cool little life crawling around everywhere.
The aquarium in Sydney. I really like fish. I went here with my good friend Mikiko, whom I had just met the day before, but happened to not only be from Japan, not only from the same Prefecture, but even the same County as me! Only about 20 minutes away from where I live here in Japan... she's still in Australia now, but since I'm staying here one more year, I'm looking forward to meeting her next year. It was truly a case of instant best friend.
Around town and at the opera house. Look, I found Waldo!

Friday, October 21, 2011

The long delayed Australian post - Part one

So I've been really bad on the procrastination thing lately.. not something that usually affects me. I went to Australia way back in August, and have had so many adventures even since then. I kept meaning to post, but just kept putting it off. Well finally, I decided slow and steady wins the race, so here are my first two days in Australia. There will be more!

A bookstore! It's the kind of bookstore I grew up knowing. Small, locally owned, experts on everything that hit the shelves, collections of new and old. In Japan, they exist only for Japanese books. I grew up in the US, and these bookstores are so close to extinct, it makes me want to cry. I was wandering the streets of New Town, Sydney (my favourite area there), and was excited to find this shop. As I continued through the streets, I found even more bookshops of a similar feel. I was happy enough knowing they were somewhere, but as my trip went on, it turned out they were everywhere! I found so many tiny bookshops... and not a single large one! I'm sure they exist, but I'm glad that the large ones are the oddity instead.

How cool of a daycare is this? I work as a kindergarten teacher, and actually my school is more like a daycare than a kindergarten... anyways, these things catch my eyes nowadays, I'd easily work here. Also in New Town.

I guess it's not surprising this park is also in New Town. I wonder if this picture will be less exciting for people that live in the western world... but this really reminded me of a park in Norway. I met many a friendly folk here.

I was amused.

The classic. It's kinda pretty, but not the best thing about. I heard that walking across that famous bridge in the background costs over $100, who would bother?

I'd seen pictures in my textbook for the 6th graders last year, and there it was in person. Pretty cool building actually. Reminded me of the great armadillo convention center of Glasgow, Scotland.

Computers in convenience stores! Everywhere!

This cool fellow was rocking out on the didgeridoo to techno music. Down by the harbor in Syndey, there's *always* at least two different folk/groups doing this.

School uniforms! Back in the States, such a rarity, but here in Japan everywhere. These were such a different style, I wanted to remember.

These are kindergarteners! Even they have uniforms, insane. Not the case in Japan.

I like this.

Fish and chips! Whoa, I thought this was English food only! Australia's quite known for it, and I think they do it better. Don't tell the English I said that though.

That's it for now. I fell in love with Australia instantaneously. Perhaps mainly for the fact that I was staying only one station away from New Town, which felt painfully close to my childhood. Honestly, it hurt very greatly getting so near to such a life, without it being the real thing. Yet somehow, I can't step away from the fire.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

フルーツパーク浜松 ー Fruit Park Hamamatsu

With all that I post from Hamamatsu, you would think that I live there! From now on, when I get back to Gifu in September, maybe I will go to more places in Gifu. Today's adventure brought me to a Fruit park for the first time! Fruit parks are all over Japan, you can go, and pick lots of fruit to eat, and learn all about them from farmers and such! Today, we picked blueberries, and pears. Have a look at this amazing park!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

竜ヶ岩洞 Spelunkings!

So It's Sea day on Monday here, which meant three day weekend. So I of course went off to Hamamatsu to visit Celes! Today was Spelunking day for us! I've never actually been spelunking before, but it has definitely become my favourite new word. Who would have thought that English had words for such specific actions? I am only just recently learning such. Anyways, today's cave is called 竜ヶ岩洞...ryuugashidou. It's I guess pretty touristy for a cave... but since I'd never been to one, it was still quite a lot of fun.. very beautiful place in general. Enjoy!

Very Beautiful landscapeall around in northern Hamamatsu.

And then the cave!
Aaaaahhhh! Aligator!
In the ceiling.... I expected to see a cat...

As much as I joke through this, I really enjoyed seeing such new sights today. There was a great energy in this place... rocks are really beautiful and amazing. Though I've never studied them so greatly, I can surely understand how precious they are.

This one was my favourite.

The great phoenix is I guess the "attraction" of this place. It's certainly very pretty, but the adventure is much more worth it than just this single area.

Can you find the bacon!?
Wow, I had no idea that moles were so cool. I definitely would have been born a mole, if I'd've known I could have such awesome gear.