Friday, April 8, 2011

Machetes, treesaws and chainsaws -- A day in the peace park.

Hello all! So as I mentioned, I ran away to America for a while. It was a crazy two week adventure, but as my life is filled with insanity, I figured for those of you really interested, you can ask me... or maybe you were a part of the insanity! Just a brief over: Stayed on a US military base for a few days, moved on to Towson, gave a lecture on the quake and situation in Japan in my long ago Japanese teacher's class. Had great giant parties, thrown up with some balls of drama that brought everything on the run. Ended up in a peace park, at a Tibetan Buddhist temple with my brother.
That last sentence is where this begins. While there were tons of awesome adventures, my photo opportunities were limited, and in the end, I went with basically nature shots. My brother volunteers and attends a Tibetan Buddhist temple in Poolesville, Maryland. Last winter (09/10 winter), Maryland was hit by a huge snowstorm, that ended up damaging and knocking over many of the trees in their 64 acre nature area, known as a peace park. Celes, Peter, Nick, my brother, and I took a hike through the woods there with a machete, tree saw, and chainsaw, to help clear out paths, and move dead trees to help visitors in the park. It turned into an amazing whole night journey truth be told.. staying in my brother's barn. However, that is a story of words, and I am leaving the rest of this post as a story of pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Actually this image is of no relation to the park or the temple. It's just a crazy church type building in the DC area. Felt like a picture worth sharing.
This picture on the other hand, is inside the temple. The colors really reminded me of temples in Korea especially. I'd be interested to see what they're like in Tibet.
From here on, are pictures of our forestry adventures in the peace park.

Taken by Celeste. She was giving me lessons in taking pictures with my new camera.
Taken by me after about 15-20 more minutes of trying.

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