Sunday, July 17, 2011

竜ヶ岩洞 Spelunkings!

So It's Sea day on Monday here, which meant three day weekend. So I of course went off to Hamamatsu to visit Celes! Today was Spelunking day for us! I've never actually been spelunking before, but it has definitely become my favourite new word. Who would have thought that English had words for such specific actions? I am only just recently learning such. Anyways, today's cave is called 竜ヶ岩洞...ryuugashidou. It's I guess pretty touristy for a cave... but since I'd never been to one, it was still quite a lot of fun.. very beautiful place in general. Enjoy!

Very Beautiful landscapeall around in northern Hamamatsu.

And then the cave!
Aaaaahhhh! Aligator!
In the ceiling.... I expected to see a cat...

As much as I joke through this, I really enjoyed seeing such new sights today. There was a great energy in this place... rocks are really beautiful and amazing. Though I've never studied them so greatly, I can surely understand how precious they are.

This one was my favourite.

The great phoenix is I guess the "attraction" of this place. It's certainly very pretty, but the adventure is much more worth it than just this single area.

Can you find the bacon!?
Wow, I had no idea that moles were so cool. I definitely would have been born a mole, if I'd've known I could have such awesome gear.

Friday, July 1, 2011

花鳥園 ー bird and flower park - Kakegawa

I'm stepping outside of chronological time for a second, to show you a past adventure from Golden week with Celes. Feels like you can never run out of new interesting things to find here in Japan. This Bird/flower park is just about a half an hour trainride away from Celes, at Kakegawa and was a really great was to spend the day!

My aunt had one of these guys when I was little.. I even went with her to go pick him up.. I wonder if she still has him?
Birds just fly on your shoulder!

Beautiful gigantic lily pads... Victoria Longwood hybrid.

So outside the emu fence, there was a stand where you could buy emu food for like $1. Or you could be this guy, and grab a giant stalk of grass, and feed them for free. The emu certainly didn't mind either way.

This big swan type, snapped at my leg as I was walking by. I always heard swans were mean, now I've experienced their wrath first hand!