Friday, July 1, 2011

花鳥園 ー bird and flower park - Kakegawa

I'm stepping outside of chronological time for a second, to show you a past adventure from Golden week with Celes. Feels like you can never run out of new interesting things to find here in Japan. This Bird/flower park is just about a half an hour trainride away from Celes, at Kakegawa and was a really great was to spend the day!

My aunt had one of these guys when I was little.. I even went with her to go pick him up.. I wonder if she still has him?
Birds just fly on your shoulder!

Beautiful gigantic lily pads... Victoria Longwood hybrid.

So outside the emu fence, there was a stand where you could buy emu food for like $1. Or you could be this guy, and grab a giant stalk of grass, and feed them for free. The emu certainly didn't mind either way.

This big swan type, snapped at my leg as I was walking by. I always heard swans were mean, now I've experienced their wrath first hand!

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