Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Holidays, from the ghost of Australian past and Christmas Future!

I promised to update my blog days ago, but times have been busy. There've been further adventures since my August Australian one, but I still wanted to share some events from then. I'm sharing with you in a new format! I hope you enjoy these!

City scenery from the botanic garden.
Gigantic tree in Cairns!
Harbor across the way from Manly Beach.
A QUANGDONG. The Australian national fruit... found in the wild!

The botanical garden in Sydeny. This was my favorite place in the city. They give free tours daily from different people each time, so you can learn about the plants there. Seems like you could really learn everything there is to learn, right there! Interestingly enough, most trees there aren't native to Australia! I also met this cool Singaporean fellow who had befriended the birds in the park. We hung out all day.
Flowers and trees. The upper right tree is actually a prehistoric tree that was thought to be extent, until discovered in a rainforest in 1995!
Prices in Australia. Insane.
Flowers and fruits!
Jenolan Caves, way outside of Sydney! I went there with my Australian friend whom I met on the airplane on the way over. He had just finished biking across Japan in 5 weeks, and then spent a bit of time showing me around Australia! We met a ton of Japanese people.
Bugs and spiders! I love small creatures. Australia is known for having some insane ones, and I wasn't disappointed.
The Cairns Botanic Garden. Yet another amazon place to be. I love nature.. it's interesting how we craft it though. I have yet to go to a rainforest actually... I'm really looking forward to that adventure.
Botanic Garden in Sydney again, a few random things thrown in.
Adventure to Blue Mountain, a pretty magnificent view of vastness. I've been to the Grand Canyon once before... it's always really pretty, but the touristyness really really takes away from these places I think. We passed through a small town called Oberon on are way there, and I was in the midst of reading The Hand of Oberon at the time... yay.
Birds! This picture's for you, Kristy.
The beach at Cairns. I walked along here a bit, but it's pretty dangerous. I hear it is festering with Crocodiles.. but it's right there, and os hard not to walk up, especially with such cool little life crawling around everywhere.
The aquarium in Sydney. I really like fish. I went here with my good friend Mikiko, whom I had just met the day before, but happened to not only be from Japan, not only from the same Prefecture, but even the same County as me! Only about 20 minutes away from where I live here in Japan... she's still in Australia now, but since I'm staying here one more year, I'm looking forward to meeting her next year. It was truly a case of instant best friend.
Around town and at the opera house. Look, I found Waldo!