Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A day in Hong Kong, a prelude in Osaka.

I tend to believe that everyone comes here for just the pictures.  How interesting are words anymore, when there are pictures to describe the journey?  These pictures consist of one single day in Hong Kong.  The first few are actually still in Japan.  I'll leave some words along the way.

A train ride to the airport in Osaka.
Osaka city.

A book for the journey.  Isaac Asimov - Robot Dreams.  I'm still in the midst of reading it, but good tales are here.  Celes and I took turns reading stories to each other.  One time read to self, one time read aloud.  Books are super fun this way! 

Portland kids!  We met them on the train headed to Osaka, they were headed to Kobe.

I remember this statue from when I lived in Osaka.

Osaka at it's best!

Hong Kong money! Makes you feel rich.
Taken from the window in the hallway of the hostel we stayed in.  Very closed in buildings.  Tsim Sha Sui Hong Kong, from the Apple Hostel.  It's a pretty dangerous feeling neighborhood, so I recommend only treading here if you are brave.

Bamboo scaffolding.  Nature at work in the city.

Construction is of course rampant in Hong Kong.
When I travel to a new country, I love to have a picnic when I get there.  Go to a supermarket, and just pick up whatever I have never seen before.  Hong Kong however, is a diverse and modern city, so without a friend there, I think it's hard to know what's really "Hong Kong food"  I hear the street venders have some good Hong Kong styled Chinese food, but they don't often speak English.

Dragon fruit!

2012, 15 years of 'independence' (from the British) for Hong Kong!  Now they are a part of China.

As we were stopped at the park posted above, this jovial fellow stopped us on the street to teach us every thing he possibly could about the surrounding area, especially the government buildings.. he is after all a government worker^^

A monument for the dead.

Picture of Utopia? 

Utopia?  Honestly I don't like cities that much.

Ficus tree!! My favourite.

Rambutan fruit, they can be found all around Southeast Asia and are super tasty.  To eat: squeeze until it pops open.

An attempt at eating real Hong Kong food.  The workers couldn't speak English, so we just pointed to some dishes that had fish kanji..  魚 .  Turned out pretty well..  Not the best food in the world though.

Lama Island, at its' best.  Truly a place worth checking out in Hong Kong.

The hall way to our hostel, early morning, deserted.

This is the lady at the airport.  On our first day traveling, I lost my bank card, leaving us in a crisis situation.  My bank was unable to get me a new card, despite its' branch even existing in the city I was in.  Definitely time to move away from Citibank.  We explained the situation, and after a half an hour of trying everything we could, she was able to help us board the plain with just a single rule bent.