Monday, June 3, 2013

Responce to a media/politcal occurence.

Well, I've thought about posting in response to articles before, but this is the first time I sincerely am following through with it.  We'll see if one more response happens to find it's way here sometime.

I recently found this exchange:
A conversation between Megyn Kelly(fox news) and Erick Erickson (conservative blogger with his own radio show: how?)
I felt sincerely pressed to say something.  Those who know where I come from may respect this more than others:

As a woman whom was raised by a single father, with no main female figure present in my life... As a woman that made her own way through college, moved her own ass half way around the world, and found her own damn place in this world.

As a woman that has spent her life believing that if a person tries their hardest, that person can make anything happen. And time and time again has proven that to herself. As a woman that has done everything in her power to make the biggest and most ever lasting footprint in this world that she can, through the means that she sees as powerful.

As a woman that became a teacher and a mentor. As a woman that travels around the world and makes new friends every chance she gets. As a woman that believes in discussing problems and not hiding them under a rug. As a woman that is happy in this world as who she is.

As a woman that grew up with close friends in households following this man's idea of "an ideal family." Families that stayed together only because "it was good for the kids" Despite abusive and unhappy environments. Friends that were miserable at home, and wanted nothing more than to escape.  Friends that even to this day have a difficult time escaping that kind of environment -- but even still, find themselves fighting against becoming that person(s) that raised them. Friends that have struggled their whole lives because of the environments they were placed in.

Personally, I feel like one of the luckiest people to be alive on this planet to be raised in the unique way that I was. I came from a single father, and I came from creativity.  I became the creativity that was enveloped around me as a child. I spread my wings to every corner of this Earth that I could reach, and continue to do so, with a bright smile on my face. Not because society tells me to do so, but because dammit if I don't love seeing another person smile back at me.

As a human being that has talked to many older folks in our world, as well as to many children of folks that are now older in this world - about lives at home (After all, it's an interesting thing to hear about!). As a person that has learned from the sentiments of the older -- that it is a pretty common occurrence for women whom spent their lives as stay at home moms, to have felt as if they were a null part of society -- unimportant. Where as many of the older human beings I know in general, man or woman, whom have done their best to live the lives that they personally believed would be interesting, exciting, happy, healthy.  Lives that are often incredibly unconventional. Lives of artists and writers -- my parents. Lives of shopkeepers and hard workers - my neighborhood. Lives of nomads - the origins of where we come from, a calling which rung deep in my heart.  Lives of people that weren't afraid to take a stand against the conventional. These are the happiest people I have known in my life, and while I am not religious, there may be no stronger way to express than to simply say that I feel blessed for the life I have been given with my single father in our crazy little town -- and you can damn bet it was and still is a crazy little town.

As a woman that isn't afraid to speak about where I come from and call it my home: I call this man the biggest walking and talking piece of shit I've ever heard in my life. Family is indeed important, you won't see me disagree that a child needs a family... a community as well if you ask me: that old saying: It takes a village to raise a child -- it's truth in my heart. I know from first hand experience, that the factors of a family come in so many different shapes and sizes. And to try and limit that to one size fits all, is *exactly* to limit a human's ability to live a happy, healthy, and successful life.