Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting into the habbit.

It's been a while since I've posted here, but it seems like about time.   I recently returned back to Japan, from a trip back to my home country, America.  In the past, I've not been a very strong fan of my home country, though I do love my friends.  I felt much happier this past trip back.  I want to say more about it, but also have been feeling the need to get into a routine of posting more.  So for now, here are a few pictures, and a story from the beginning. 

A random truck in San Fransisco.
When I see this crocodile, I know I'm home.  They really are silly looking creatures, aren't they?
Paintings on the sidewalks are everywhere!

I was bitten by this spider in New York, and the mark still remains!
Philadelphia has very cool buildings.
And a park designed by my good friend Aaron!
At an awesome school.
It really is cool.
Still in Philadelphia.
Back to Baltimore art!
And Yarn!!!!
Crazy little shops.
With old little clocks.
A painting of myself as a child, by my father.  I have a heart.

This is a random post, I get the feeling it has a strange rhythm.. but it's unusual for me to post like this, and I figure, if I'm going to start, I've got to start.  So that was the beginning and the middle, and here is the end!
It's the beginning of America.
The day with two sunsets:
July 26th sunset #1
My mind is flooded with excitement!  I am headed back to America to visit! I've had two visits since moving to Japan four years ago.  One was under the circumstances of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which was not a good mind set.  I did not want to be in America.  Though I did not want to be in Japan either.  Visit number two was for a science fiction convention called Balticon, and I was only back for 4 days.  Didn't really feel like I went back to America at all.  I just went to a science fiction convention(the best science fiction convention!). 
So really, this will be my first intended visit back to the States! 
I never really thought about being away for so long in the first place.  At first, I didn't even think about the fact that I'd even be away.  It was time spent in Japan, not away from home.  But as you are away, people back home keep changing, and you keep changing, and we're all going in different directions then.  You start to realize this as the years pile on.  I can only imagine how it feels after 10 or more years.
I'm excited to go back!  I'm happy to see my friends, and looking forward to an awesome month of journeying. 

I got on an airplane yesterday in Japan, at 4:30 PM, July, 26th, and wrote the exert above as I was leaving for America.  And then the sun set.  I woke up as my airplane was arriving in San Fransisco, at 10 in the morning, July 26th.  One more day of July 26th, 2013.  This time in America. 
At 4:30 PM, July 26th #2, I boarded an airplane to leave for my home town of Baltimore.  These are my thoughts after a day in a new day in America.

I have to admit that America terrifies me.   Perhaps that might seem strange to most -- being terrified of one's own country... but here I am.  Going back for a month.  I have butterflies in my stomach, wondering what's going to happen from here.  I miss my friends, they are the most important part of life.  But time has been passing, what will it be like? I get the feeling it's just not worth wondering about.  I should be lost in the excitement.  Perhaps this strange journey is leading me to think about strange things.
And then the sun set.

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