Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today's school lunch!

Alright, just a random short post for you!

Today's school lunch was:

金魚飯(kingyomeshi)  - Goldfish food:
Which has it's name because it has bit of carrots in it, which makes it look like a goldfish.  I'll post a recipe for this one maybe.

 And切り干し大根(kiriboshidaikon)  dried and cut Japanese radish.
Maybe not quite as exciting in name, but just as tasty!  Of course with this was also served miso soup, and a tamago yaki (fried egg) with two strawberries for desert and milk to go with! 

School lunch in Japan is both incredibly healthy for the body and the town.  All foods (with exception of the meats/dairies, this could be worked on)  are raised locally and prepared on the day of serving by the town school lunch center (給食センター)If you aren't eating healthy at home, you can be sure to get a truly well balanced and delicious meal at school!
I have read some articles about various debates on payment for school lunch.. because students families are expected to pay for school lunch (usually about $2-3 per meal).  Though there are some difficult debates about what to do with families that cannot afford it... how to treat the matter/the student.  Should the school confront the student in front of the class? Or at home?  Should this law be heavily enforced, even when the family can't afford it?  Well if you have any opinions, thoughts, feel free to let me know, and I'll post a bit more about this next time!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Three more pictures of Nepal.

My friend took these three shots (and a few of the others as well), I just wanted to share them.
Walking through the layerous hills and mountains of Nepal.
The final sunset of 2013.
The mountains and the town of Kande.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adventures of a Nepalese Frog

Recently I found myself on an adventure to Nepal with a new friend.  We traveled in synchronicity with the universe, and made many new friends along the way. 
 This little boy named Aron is of Nepalese roots, living in Japan.  He's three years old, and his Japanese is far better than many of my 5 year old Japanese students.
 It was really nice to meet his family on the plane to Nepal.
 We met this fellow at a Restaurant in Nepal.  By coincidence, later that day we were walking down the street and ran into him again working in his shop selling stones.

 Meditating under the Buddha tree.
 This group of kids came up to us while we were eating, I was lucky enough to have them draw in my notebook!  The one sitting down was such an excellent artist.
 On our journeys, we met this crew with King Bipen in the center, a Nepalese rapper.  Somehow we ended up in their music video.
 On New Years Eve, we stayed in a lodge on a mountain top with this young metal head who befriended us for a really unexpectedly beautiful New Year transition!
 New Years day, walking through the mountains, we found a school and ended up hanging out with the students.  They loved to ask us: "Give me sweets!" "Give me money!" "Give me pen!"

 Later that night we found this fellow Indra with his Australian wife really out in the middle of nowhere, with their pet monkeys.  We stayed with them in their cottage for two days, and only managed to get attacked by the monkeys twice! hah!
 We drank some chai with the old men of the mountains.
 The streets were so beautiful.
 And magazines did exist.
 The river in Kathmandu was an unbelievable sight.  The water was literally black.
 Many workers were doing what they could to clean it up.
 Walking down the streets, you could find these recycle shops, taking old clothes an finding new purposes for them.
 A kindergarten in Nepal! This one looks like a great place to work!
 On Christmas day, we wandered around town, and eventually found people flooding into a church.  While not Christian, we decided to partake in the events, and met with this lovely family that became our friends for the day.  We had much fun singing jingle bells and doing some traditional Nepalese dances.
 Later that day we climbed a mountain with more monkeys and took this picture.
 In the night, we went to a restaurant where we met with this fellow.  He ended up showing us around town and drawing a picture with us.
 The streets are never ending.
 And filled with many buses with beautiful people.
 Then we found ourselves on our own bus adventure!
 And made many new friends, my job of kindergarten teaching seems to follow me everywhere.
 We even joined a gang of pirates!
 The temple of Thailand in Lombini.  Lombini is the birthplace of Buddha.  They have a giant complex of various temples that have been built by Buddhists from around the world.
 We meditated.
 And existed.  My dear travel friend, Annie.
 Our rapping buddy.
 The secrets of Cambodia in Lombini.

 Beautiful sights.
 Even with tea.
 And towns all around.
 Some people have interesting hobbies.
 And some people are working very hard.
 This is a game of ring toss found on the streets. Toss a ring around something, and you win it.

 This man became our friend, climbing the mountain with us.  As we walked through the mountains, the things these people carried evolved forward.  First we saw the one with bushes, then the one with sticks, and finally the one with pots and pans.
 A child following us up the mountain.
 This is a giant swing!
 In the mountains, we met this beautiful soul, Hisayo.  She has been traveling around through India and Nepal for quite some time now, and is fluent in Nepalese.  I hope to meet her again some day!
 Blue is pretty.
 So is the sky.
 I have feet.
 And a friend.
 And sometimes a table.
 What a beautiful world.
 With a key.
 On the path.
 Evolution in progress.
 And children in the world.
 Welcome to Pokhara.