Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today's school lunch!

Alright, just a random short post for you!

Today's school lunch was:

金魚飯(kingyomeshi)  - Goldfish food:
Which has it's name because it has bit of carrots in it, which makes it look like a goldfish.  I'll post a recipe for this one maybe.

 And切り干し大根(kiriboshidaikon)  dried and cut Japanese radish.
Maybe not quite as exciting in name, but just as tasty!  Of course with this was also served miso soup, and a tamago yaki (fried egg) with two strawberries for desert and milk to go with! 

School lunch in Japan is both incredibly healthy for the body and the town.  All foods (with exception of the meats/dairies, this could be worked on)  are raised locally and prepared on the day of serving by the town school lunch center (給食センター)If you aren't eating healthy at home, you can be sure to get a truly well balanced and delicious meal at school!
I have read some articles about various debates on payment for school lunch.. because students families are expected to pay for school lunch (usually about $2-3 per meal).  Though there are some difficult debates about what to do with families that cannot afford it... how to treat the matter/the student.  Should the school confront the student in front of the class? Or at home?  Should this law be heavily enforced, even when the family can't afford it?  Well if you have any opinions, thoughts, feel free to let me know, and I'll post a bit more about this next time!


  1. It seems so tasty... I'm starving so bad!:)

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