Saturday, June 28, 2014

American Ongaeshi - the lesson in the learning.

So I posted a while ago about my trip around America by bicycle to hang my father's artwork.  Since then, and since my last post in general, it has been a long time.  Today I depart from Biddeford, Maine in attempt to go bicycling back down to Baltimore.  I have already hung two paintings, the first in New York City -- a shop called John's Pizzeria in Queens, that was a story alright.
New York is a big city with many places, but not much in the way of wall space.  I have quite a few friends there, so I asked for some recommendations on where to hang.  My friends gave me three places where I could possibly hang a piece.  One art framing shop, and two cafes.  I first tried the framing shop, but they said they do not hang because then their customers would ask "Why not hang my work?"  I then wandered on my way to cafe #1, which had full wall space, though I figured I would ask anyway.  The owner wasn't in though, so that was a no go!  On to my third place!  A halal cultist cafe, and the owners did not speak English~!  Alas, so much for New York.  I went to get on my bicycle, when across the street I saw a pizzeria that looked just cute enough.  I went over and asked, and to my delight, was able to hang a piece! Picture will be provided later!
After New York I came up to Maine, to hang out with friends, and go to a cute little convention called Portcon.  I had a super fun time hanging out with friends, playing games, and my friend magically knew just the place to hang a piece!  No problem at all, the piece found a new home, and we found tea for our bellies!  Today starts the fun adventure by bicycle back down.  I feel a little terrified, and also excited.  I honestly don't know if I can do this trip, but I'm going to try anyway.  I figure, I came up with the idea, so I have to at least try.  But like with any journey, I expect it to be enjoyable.  So this is my test run to see how I do, and how much fun I have.  As cool as a goal it is, if I'm not enjoying it, then I'm not going to force myself to do it.  So today I set out on a journey of a new kind! Here's to a safe and fun trip!