Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas in Peru!

This Christmas happens to be my sixth outside of the United States -- fifth consecutive.  For whatever reason, I don't think it has occurred to me until now, that I have spent so many Christmases away from where I was born.  It has never felt like that big of a deal, but I can somehow notice it this year.  Maybe I will go home for Christmas next year.

For now, I will focus on Peru.  They have a belief here in Peru, that Jesus was born exactly at midnight, on Christmas day.  So the big celebration for the people here, comes on Christmas Eve, leading into the night.  Fireworks are everywhere, and everyone is out.

I spent my Christmas eve, in the hostel, with my new family of international travels, and it was enjoyed quite well.

Today is Christmas day, and all feels calm in the world.  The gas for the stove isn't working, so we cannot cook today, and the hot water in the shower wasn't working, so I had to wake up with a cold shower.  I was happy to find that not all the shops were closed, and was able to buy a sandwich for breakfast.  Walking through the streets, people were out, everywhere.  It is the southern hemisphere, and quite warm outside, people are everywhere.  Something about Christmas feels so very different this year.

In another week, I will be leaving for the mountainous jungle village of Chachapoyas, where I will teach for a few months.  Until next time, I will leave you with pictures from my first week in Peru:

Busy street in Lima.
Zen tower at the beach.
Peruvian dish Ceviche.
Kids playing with cardboard boxes at the park.  Reminiscent of sleds in the winter!
Huaca - ancient burial site / pyramid in Lima.
One town we went through on our way to Cusco was filled with these tiny little cars.

 The desert roads along the way.
 Villages in the mountains.
 And we ride through.
 The city of Cusco.
 Has amazing parks indeed.
 Where Sunflower children roam.
 So bright.
 And then so dark.
 In the Sacred Valley - Ollantaytambo
 There are bull roaming freely - Toro
 Ane the tracks lead deep...
.. deep into the woods
 Into the towns beyond.
 The mountains are vast.
 And suddenly, there it is.

 The city of Machu Picchu.
 Ancient civilization.
 With llama and all.

 Follow the path.
 To the bridge below.
 Mountains and valleys.
 With peaks to show.

 And there we stand.
 In civilizations gone past.
 One hundred years.
 Into the houses.
 With mortar of clay.
 Secrets lay hidden.
 And water flowers deep.
 Flowers still growing.
 The streets are so clear.
 Cultivation, in the sun.
 The creatures down below.
 Life still thrives here.
 And three doors will show you the way.
 To unexpected friends.
 And towers beyond.

 They lurk in all corners.
 And through all paths.
 Some much larger.
 They choose to flee!
 And so we sit, and wait.
 Until a sign appears.
 And then we search below.
 Systems from the past.
 Oh lovely city.
 We bid you farewell.
 From the jungle below.
 And further back down to the valley.
 Town square says hello.
 Where friendship remains true.
 Others wander along too.
 And so we all find a way.
 To swim and have fun.
 Or sometimes march on.
 Bridges so weak.
 We need a guinea pig feast.
 The doors stand tall.
And lead us to the monastery in the morning. 

Merry Christmas to all!

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