Monday, January 11, 2016

Adventuring the depth of heart and soul.

Just a thought that felt attached to the soul.

The thing about artists, is that even if we do not know them personally, our attachment to their work is generally something done out of sincere love, and it creates such a bond, and wow it really works.  It is such a deep and intimate connection.  Watching the stars die is a surreal action indeed, because we don't really know them, except.. don't we?  May we even know them better than some people we know personally?  I gotta say, David Bowie's death stings.  It stings in the way that truly makes the heart feel, but somehow also inspires.  I find myself writing the same ole' regurgitated tale of my life all over again, wondering if I'll ever get it just "write".. haha just write anyway!  Such is the way of one insanely lived child just making up the path, solidarity.  Rest in Peace Spaceman of the heart in which I never knew, though perhaps we all did, or wanted to believe so anyway.  You have been missed for as long as you have been known.