Friday, November 24, 2017

Hello Rello Vello

Dear world,
How are you today?  I am trying many new things in life, as one might imagine.  I know I disappeared from the sphere long ago, but I have been here all along.  In all exciting news, I have a Brand New Old RV!!!!!!

I will be posting a little bit about the Refurb that is being done.  Basically just two areas needed work.  The first area worked on was the back room, and I will post that next time.  For this time, I want to post two pictures!

One of myself with my RV, and the other of a very Handsome Toyota Warrior that seems to be of about the same generation.  Saw the Warrior on the road out Gettysburg way, state side.  Made me really miss Japan, but I'm always happy to see it.  Nice Warrior, Nice Beast.  My Machine is the Beast.





この写真は友達と一緒にです。後ろには、私のRVです!!嬉しいです。モデルはFord Fleetwood1989年のビーストです。この写真は友達と一緒に、ビーストを家に乗って来た日に取りました。